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COMN0 - Modeling NoSQL and SQL with COMN - Six Courses


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About Modeling NoSQL and SQL with COMN

In this Learning Plan, instructor Ted Hills identifies the goals of Data Modeling and prepares you for new concepts using Concept and Object Modeling Notations (COMN). Within the six-course program, you will learn how to represent real-world models based on COMN, model objects within a computer’s memory or storage, and dive into modeling requirements and their expressions in data. By the end of this program, you will understand the differences between SQL and NoSQL and between ACID and BASE, and how to model each in a data-centric organization, whether using a document database or data warehouse.

Each Course Contains:

  • A 22- to 71-minute educational training video
  • A 16- to 28-question exam
  • Materials for each course (made available for download once the exam is complete)

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Courses within this Learning Plan

  1. Setting the Stage for Modeling Notations
  2. Modeling the Real World
  3. Modeling Things Inside the Computer
  4. Data Modeling
  5. NoSQL and SQL Physical Data Modeling
  6. The Common Coffee Shop

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About Instructor Ted Hills

Ted Hills is an author, speaker, educator, and Data Architecture consultant. He helps businesses combine strategic goals with the latest Data Management technologies to produce solid results in realistic timeframes. Ted is both an advanced theorist and a committed pragmatist, with grounding in software and systems development. His book, NoSQL and SQL Data Modeling, promises to change how we represent data, moving from the rigid, prescriptive world of SQL databases to the more fluid domains of Big Data and NoSQL databases. Ted has led multiple projects in Data Warehousing, Metadata Management, reference Data Management, and data distribution and integration. Ted’s deep experience in multiple industries and knowledge of new and established technologies give him perspective and insight into how an organization can maximize its existing investments while leveraging new technologies.

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COMN1: Setting the Stage for COMNE-Learning  $99
COMN2: Modeling the Real WorldE-Learning  $99
COMN3: Modeling Things Inside the ComputerE-Learning  $99
COMN4: Data ModelingE-Learning  $99
COMN5: NoSQL and SQL Physical Data ModelingE-Learning  $99
COMN6: The Common Coffee ShopE-Learning  $79
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