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MDM3: Governing Master Data

This Module Includes

  • A 32-minute educational training video
  • Instructor: Frank Cerwin
  • A 24-question exam
  • Materials from the training video will be made available to download once the exam has been passed

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In this module, you will first get a unique perspective of Data Governance based on your experience with governance every day. We will discover how the unique characteristics of Master Data influence governance and the integration of governance into the operating model. These lessons will enable us to form a Data Government that can effectively govern Master Data.


Describe how to integrate governance capabilities to manage Master Data aligned with its characteristics and the MDM operating model.


  • Master how to apply lessons learned from governance in our daily lives
  • Understand why Master Data Governance requires a division of power
  • Learn how to align MDM stewards
  • Recognize program operating model governance touchpoints

About Instructor Frank Cerwin

Frank Cerwin is president and principle of Data Mastery Inc., a firm that assists organizations with effectively structuring and positioning their Master Data Management (MDM) programs for long-term success. Frank has planned, designed, and led development and support of successful MDM programs for over 20 years at Fortune 500 companies. His first customer MDM program that was deployed in 1992 is still operational today, providing an Omni-channel 360-degree view of customers at a major financial institution.

Frank’s holistic perspective of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is built upon architect and leadership roles across Enterprise Data Architecture, MDM, Database Administration, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), application development, disaster recovery, and security. Through his comprehensive experience, Frank developed a distinctive MDM framework and operating model called the Master Data Optimized Marketplace Ecosystem, or MasterDOME™, that is a proven method to create an MDM program as a self-sustaining service. Frank often presents Data Management­–related topics at national conferences and data association chapter meetings.

Frank Cerwin

Training Material

  • Mastering an MDM Program: Module 3 Training Video
  • Mastering an MDM Program: Module 3 Exam
  • Mastering an MDM Program: Module 3 Presentation Materials